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Greek Drama Syllabus CL 222 Early Years Information about Sophocles' life is at best sketchy and incomplete, but some important details survive. Both birth and wealth, then, set Sophocles apart as someone likely to play an important role in Athenian society. Sophocles I Three Tragedies = S1. Essays are due in class at regular intervals during the semester. Sophocles, Ajax S2, Phase III /individual. 5.

Loebolus - Ryan Baumann RADICAL INNOCENCE: The Romantics valued innocence as something pure, wholesome, fulfilling, natural, and individualistic. Loebolus. Loebolus is based on Edwin Donnelly's “Downloebables”, aiming to make all the public domain Loebs more easily downloadable by re-hosting.

Sophocles Biography - Cliffs Notes If you e-mail me, neither your e-mail address nor any other information will ever be passed on to any third party, unless required by law. But for now, Sophocles' modern reputation rests on the seven surviving plays Ajax, Antone, Electra, Oedipus the King, The Trachinae, Philoctetes, and.

Greek Drama Syllabus CL 222
Loebolus - Ryan Baumann
<b>Sophocles</b> Biography - Cliffs Notes
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