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Customizing Thesis Theme For Wordpress I get asked at least once per week how I got the custom content on my category pages (you can check out the affiliate marketing category here on Sugarrae or the SEO conference category). Under the Outer Page Padding option, select “0.0”. 3. Under the. Within the Thesis / Custom File Editor option within WordPress, select the.

Complete Guide to the Thesis 2 Theme for WordPress - Thrifty Zizel I love to build Word Press websites, and I really love the Thesis framework. One of the powerful features of WordPress is the use of custom themes. Step 48 How To Create A Custom 404 Page Using Thesis 2 404 Template · Step 49.

How to Change the Footer Appearance in Thesis 1.8 Thesis 2.1 is finally out, and it’s a feature packed Word Press theme now. How to change and customise the footer appearance in WordPress Theme. e Open 'custom.css', either in the Thesis options in WordPress.

WordPress 3.0 custom post types, taxonomies Custom post types are nothing new in Word Press but since thesis 2.1 added a query box to the mix I fured I would show you how to take advantage of this and use them to diversify your content. Custom post types are new in WP 3.0. They are like posts and pages, but are handled separately within the WordPress dashboard and by the.

How to create a custom PHP page in The latest Thesis Theme (with Word Press 3.0 integration) isn’t out as of this writing. A custom page allows you to have different layout, look and feel from regular pages in. How do I create a new home page on WordPress / Thesis?

Review of thesis 2.0 for WordPress - Patrik When you first started researching websites for your business you may have stumbled upon many Word Press free & paid themes and many articles telling you that you can make your website yourself, quickly & easily using pre-made themes. Thesis is a premium er theme for WordPress that takes the. Thesis 2.0 framework is great to customize pages, but in real life you also need.

How to add Custom Post Types to Thesis 2.x - DIY WP Blog It was the first major update, a total theme re-conception really, in more than four years. Custom post types are nothing new in WordPress but since thesis 2.1. use the Thesis 2.x query box to display posts specific to the FAQ page.

Customizing <b>Thesis</b> Theme For <b>Wordpress</b>
Complete Guide to the <b>Thesis</b> 2 Theme for <b>WordPress</b> - Thrifty Zizel
How to Change the Footer Appearance in <strong>Thesis</strong> 1.8
<b>WordPress</b> 3.0 <b>custom</b> post types, taxonomies
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Review of <i>thesis</i> 2.0 for <i>WordPress</i> - Patrik
How to add <strong>Custom</strong> Post Types to <strong>Thesis</strong> 2.x - DIY WP Blog

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