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Retired Bishop John Shelby Spong interview on Bible and Christianity Indeed, the Beatitudes are at the very core of our Christian tradition. Jun 23, 2013. In a wide-ranging interview, journalist David Crumm asks best-selling retired Bishop Spong about Bible, Gospel of John and Spong's hopes for.

Bishop John Shelby Spong Preacher and Teacher Video Bio Friends of Walking With Integrity, Perhaps many of you are already subscribed to "A New Christianity For A New World: Bishop John Shelby Spong on the News and Christian Faith." If so you received this note a few days ago, and perhaps shared it far and wide already. As you may know, Bishop Spong is one of the most vocal and passionate advocates of LGBT people everywhere. During his tenure as Episcopal Bishop of Newark, John Shelby Spong was regarded as a fearless advocate for church reform--a hero to some, a heretic to.

Hell is an Invention of the Church Beyond ALL Relion Guidelines This forum was created especially for subscribers of Bishop Shelby Spong Weekly Newsletters as part of TCPC's taking over the publication of Bishop Spong's weekly newsletter and website. You'll receive inshtful weekly essays, access to all of the essay archives. If you care to read more about John Shelby Spong click here.

Anglicans Online Essays Pierre Whalon Piety Her heart was as close to God’s as anyone I’ve ever known, and she touched countless lives. Apr 4, 2004. an essay for Anglicans Online. After Pike came John Shelby Spong, who claimed to be Pike's disciple, and who put the same question and.

The Think Piece Interview Bishop John Shelby John is proclaimed in sns at football games and splashed across billboards on rural roads. It's not easy to prepare for an interview with John Shelby Spong. It's a of essays by mostly womanly scholars looking at Matthew's.

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